The world has long recognized the genius of German engineering from automobiles to beer. German kitchen design is no exception to this standard. German kitchens demonstrate the ingenuity and beauty of other German designs. Individuals worldwide have begun to recognize the beauty of German architecture in the most important room in the home. 

What exactly draws people to the Deutschland design? Design, quality, functionality, and building techniques combine to create beautiful German kitchens. 

Keep reading to learn the specifics about German kitchens and German kitchen cabinets that make the design so popular. 

Sleek Designs

Restraint marks the design of modern German kitchens. When homeowners walk into the German kitchen, they’ll see streamlined, sleek designs that ooze elegance, sophistication, and glamor. 

You’ll notice clean lines in luxury kitchens and modern kitchens with German design in mind. The cabinets will lead smoothly to the countertops. Additionally, cabinets do not have bulky handles or any handles at all. 

German kitchen designs have led the way in unique kitchen design since 1892 when Friedemir Poggenpohl modernized the design. Poggenpohl used a modern lacquer that made the kitchen counter look less like a clunky wooden counter and more like a hospital. 

Many German kitchen designers model their look after such a design now with the same sleekness in mind. 

Unparalleled Quality

Many kitchens are the center of the home. Such a position also makes them also the most important room, and the one place where homeowners should spend their money. The room needs to stand the test of time with families spending so much time in them. 

German kitchens stand up to the test. Most German cabinets are manufactured and assembled simultaneously. Many other types of cabinets and kitchens come flat-packed, still needing assembly. 

As a result, German kitchens leave the warehouse fully formed. Their durability has given them a fantastic reputation worldwide. 

Furthermore, German manufacturers will test their surfaces with a variety of chemicals. They also test cabinets and doors to ensure they can last the test of time. 

Clever Functionality

German kitchens consist of more than just basic cabinets. Their functionality matches their beauty. 

German kitchens and German kitchen cabinets are known for their innovation. You’ll find clever storage solutions that outpace their counterparts. 

High-Quality Production Techniques

Many German manufacturers use modern production techniques. Their technology means the manufacturers will measure the cabinets and kitchen components to the millimeter. 

As a result, German kitchens fit perfectly. 

The look to the future for state-of-the-art technology means German kitchens stay ahead of their competition. German manufacturers spend time thinking about functionality and aesthetics. As a result, they seek out the best technology to bring their dreams to life. 

Excellent Value to Cost Ratio

A quality kitchen remodel can add significant value to your home. Experts estimate that you can earn between a 52 percent and 74 percent return on your investment. 

German kitchen brands come with an excellent reputation because of their high-quality materials. Furthermore, German brands embrace technology in their build and design. 

Many companies that offer German kitchens will also offer fully tailor-made kitchens according to their customers’ needs. As a result, you end up with a high-quality kitchen and a high value-to-cost ratio. 

In short, when you remodel your kitchen with a German kitchen, you’re making a smart investment. 

Types of German Kitchen

German kitchens are the trendy kitchen style because of their variety as well. While all German kitchen styles have the same basic qualities listed above, they vary from basic kitchens to luxury kitchens. 

Here are some of the most popular kitchens that come with high German quality. 

German kitchens


The BT45 is a modern kitchen and a luxury kitchen combined. The easy-to-navigate layout makes it an appealing kitchen to individuals who enjoy cooking. 

This kitchen is one of the more efficient German kitchen designs. Homeowners can adjust cabinets and shelves to fit their needs. They can pick from a variety of styles and colors as well to make the kitchen uniquely theirs. 

Furthermore, homeowners can rest assured that their kitchen will last for decades. Countertops made from durable materials come with a 25-year warranty. 

Burger Kitchen

Burger-style kitchens are often what people think of when they picture German-style kitchens. The Burger brand consists of a team of 1,200 members who use their combined knowledge and expertise to create beautiful kitchens. 

Burger uses advanced production methods to create some of the most beautiful German-crafted cabinets on the market today. The manufacturers focus on basic principles to make sure each customer receives a quality product. 

Additionally, Burger German kitchens are more than just a German name. Manufacturing takes place right in Germany at Lohne and Burg, just outside of Magdeburg. This way homeowners can have a German-style kitchen made in Germany. 


The Bauformat style boasts of the quality of German manufacturing that individuals think of when they picture a German kitchen. Here are the basics that make the Bauformat stand out: 

  • Moisture and dirt- resistant surfaces thanks to 16mm carcass sides overlaid with melamine-resin surface
  • Pest-resistant surfaces 
  • Heat-resistant surfaces
  • 16mm, 25mm, and 40mm side panels that come either in plastic or lacquer with the choice of a matte or gloss finish
  • Cabinets fully assembled in the factory
  • Perfectly squared cabinets with no visible screws or screw holes
  • Self-leveling cabinets
  • A variety of body colors both inside and outside cabinets

The variety, durability, and overall quality of the Bauformat-style kitchen make it one of the top German kitchen designs


The Baulux collection series consists of six different styles that fit into the luxury kitchen category of German kitchens. Each collection has the same simplicity and quality that German kitchens are known for. Here’s a breakdown of what each collection offers. 

ALPI Collection

The beautiful ALPI collection seeks to make a connection with nature, using a variety of textures, grain, colors, and shading to create natural wood feel to the kitchen. 

C Collection

This collection works best for individuals looking for a more modern look with a ceramic surface. Homeowners have a choice of backing with either a stabilizing aluminum backing or a white or black melamine back finish. This luxury kitchen works best for homeowners who have smaller applications and who want a stylish yet easy-to-maintain surface. 

Metallo + Legna Collection

This collection combines wood and metal. A dark wooden finish will grace the front of the cabinets. A sparkly metal overlay will cover a portion of the wood, creating a dramatic and luxurious feel.

With this collection, homeowners also have the option of combining brass with Scindula, a wooden shingle front. This combination of metal and wood creates a unique and beautiful aesthetic. 

Struttura Collection

The creators of the Struttura collection attempt to create a unique surface that mimics the geometry of moving water. The surfaces of the cabinets will flow and yet also create a straight-edge complexity that we typically see only in nature. Furthermore, this artistic cabinetry will work with light to create a unique look. 

Thus the Struttura collection is one of the more artistic styles. Its flow and surface will remind you of the beauty of nature. 

Verre Collection

Designers outdid themselves with the Verre collection, creating cabinets from tempered glass. These easy-to-care-for surfaces do not scratch easily. They create a smooth flat front for your cabinets and create the sleekness that German kitchens are known for. 

Concreto Collection

The Concreto collection consists of a cement plaster finished by hand. Artisans finish each piece by hand. This surface works especially well in a kitchen since its high-resistance varnish protects the surface from the chemicals and organic materials typically seen in a kitchen. 


Don’t be fooled by the term “basic” in the Baubasic line. This line has whatever cabinets a homeowner may need from the walls to the base to the stalls. 

This basic line comes with preset sizes. However, homeowners have a great variety of options for those sizes.

The Baubasic German kitchen cabinets are one of the few cabinets that come shipped flatpack and thus require assembly. You will receive them quickly, though, with a typical lead time of 7 days. The Baubasic kitchen cabinets ship from Los Angeles, CA every Friday. 

German Kitchens Reign

German kitchens have an edge over other styles for a variety of reasons. Their superior craftsmanship, durability, and variety make them a go-to when homeowners need a kitchen makeover. 

Individuals looking for trendy kitchen styles as well as luxury kitchens will go to German kitchen cabinets immediately. The designers use a combination of materials while maintaining the sleek line that marks the German kitchen design. 

Are you interested in the craftsmanship and luxury that German kitchens have? If so, contact us. We have showrooms in ten different U.S. cities where you can see and feel the luxury of a German kitchen in person. 

You can upload your kitchen plans when you contact us so we can help you make the best decision for your space. Contact us today. 

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