Many home renovation projects are designed to be aesthetically pleasing. But the projects that add the most value not just to your home but also to your life are those that make your day-to-day a little easier, more organized, or more pleasant. Custom closets in Dallas are one such project. Just a couple of decades ago, small closets were the norm.

Today, closets are deeper, taller, and larger than ever before, with walk-in closets now considered a must, especially in a master bedroom.

Closets that are organized, with customized spaces for all of your belongings and a design that matches your personal style, can make getting ready in the morning a better experience. They can help you keep your belongings organized. They can simplify your routine, and in turn, your life. Investing in high-quality custom closets can also increase the value of your home.

If you’re considering installing custom closets in your home, you might wonder what to expect. Keep reading as we explain the process of designing custom closets in Dallas and what the installation process looks like.

The Process of Designing Custom Closets

The closet renovation process begins with designing your dream custom closet.

This process can sometimes be speedy. If you already have a set idea of what you want in your new closet, you can do one short consultation with a designer before ordering materials and scheduling your installation. You might have also browsed the BAUCLOSET Catalog before your consultation and have an idea of the Bauteam designs you’d like to see in your space.

But this process might take a little longer if you don’t already have a closet design in mind. You’ll want to consider your options and work with your closet designer.

It’s best not to rush the design process. Investing time into the design process can help ensure that you love the final product and that it’s functional for your family and lifestyle. 

From scheduling your first consultation to discussing your budget and reviewing the final design, a few stages occur during the design process.

Meet With an Expert

The first step in designing custom closets for your home is to meet with a closet designer. During your initial meeting, the designer will ask you various questions. They’ll ask about your home, current closets, wants and needs in a custom closet, style preferences, and more.

Whenever you’re meeting with your closet designer, providing as much information as possible is essential. Maybe you dislike a particular type of finish. Or you want to ensure that your future closet has space for your favorite handbags or accessories.

Whatever the case, the more information you can provide early in the process, the better equipped your closet designer will be to bring your vision to life.

Discuss Your Custom Closet Budget

Your budget is one of the first topics your closet designer will likely discuss. It’s possible to create custom closets at various price points. However, your budget will significantly impact the final result.

Your budget may impact the types of materials used. It can affect the details included in the design. It may even impact the overall layout of your design.

Letting your closet designer know how much you’d like to spend will allow them to keep this price point in mind right from the start of designing your closet. That way, you don’t fall in love with a design or specific materials that are outside your budget.

While discussing your budget, your designer will likely also want to see your existing closet or get measurements of the space. This is also important in determining the rough cost of different layouts or materials for your specific closet.

Consider Any Restrictions

Another topic that you’ll want to discuss with your closet designer is any restrictions that you might have in your space that would impact the overall design. For instance, maybe you have a small closet. Or, perhaps you have limited storage space in your home, and need your closet to store more than just clothes.

Discussing these restrictions with your closet designer will allow them to help you develop creative solutions to your problems. These will go beyond small space-saving tricks that you might be able to implement on your own. Instead, they’ll work to make sure that the overall design of your closet is functional so that you won’t need other strategies after it’s complete.

For instance, your closet designer may be able to suggest certain layouts or other creative solutions to make your closets more functional.

Check Out Your Options

Perhaps the most exciting part of the design process is checking out your options for designing your closet. At this stage, your designer will show you the different materials, layouts, and other options available. From modern closets to traditional materials, you’ll have a chance to see what various styles look like in different spaces.

Talk with your designer about what you like and what you don’t. While you’ll likely see images of other closet designs, remember these are just for inspiration. Because your closet will be custom designed and built for you, you can borrow details from many existing designs to create your dream closet.

If you’ve been inspired by closet designs that you’ve seen elsewhere, you can show these to your designer. They’ll be able to tell you what elements might work in your own closet.

Your designer will work with you to visualize how different layouts or styles would work in your space. They may help you mix and match different elements to envision what the final design will look like.

While discussing the layout options, don’t forget to consider all the different ways you use your closet. For instance, maybe you have beautiful designer handbags you’d like to show off rather than simply store them. Or perhaps you love matching your outfits to your endless shoe collection and want a way to find the pair you’re looking for quickly.

During the design process, your designer will work with you to customize the overall design to ensure it fits your needs. 

Let Your Designer Work Their Magic

After reviewing the many options for materials and styles, your closet designer will get to work. For the team at Bauteam Dallas, this means using German engineering to custom design a BAUCLOSET that fits your existing space like a custom-tailored suit.

The team uses top-of-the-line technology to design your closet down to the millimeter to fit your home. We use your design choices and layout ideas to create a space that becomes an extension of you, functioning in harmony with your day-to-day life and helping you stay easily organized.

We’ll review the design with you after we’ve designed your custom closet. This is a chance to change the configuration or materials or add any additional custom details you want.

You may go through several rounds of designs with your designer. You may want to add or tweak certain details once you’ve seen them together in the design. Or, you may find that you love the first design that they create!

The Installation Process

Once the design process is completed, installation begins. Using your custom closet design, the installation team will remove the fixtures of your existing closet and get to work.

How long the installation process takes will vary. The size of your closet, the new design, and the materials used will all impact the timeline.

Unlike tearing out a kitchen or other large area of your home, installing a custom closet is less intrusive. You’ll likely be able to continue to use the rest of your home during this process with minimal interruptions.

The installation process may also be impacted by how long it takes to order the necessary materials or final details.

Designing Dream Custom Closets in Dallas

Designing and installing custom closets is a great way to make your space more functional and beautiful. It’s also an excellent opportunity to make your closets match your personal style and the style of your home.

Starting the process of designing a custom closet can be intimidating. It can be tough to visualize how different layouts or features might work outside of a showroom and in your own space. It’s also hard to imagine how certain features, like shelves or drawers, would really work with your own belongings.

But working with an experienced closet designer can simplify the process. They are experts in bringing your design ideas to life and to solving common issues with organization and access. Whether you have large walk-in closets or tiny spaces to work with, your designer will help create a beautiful and functional space that you’ll be excited to use each day.

If you’re ready to start designing your own custom closets in Dallas, we can help. Contact the team at Bauteam Dallas to schedule your closet design consultation today.

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