Did you know that adding a custom closet to your home could increase its value? In fact, you can expect to recoup about 56% of the money you spent on labor and materials. 

Building a luxury closet can do more than increase the value of your home. It will also give you the space you need to organize all your outfits and shoes. 

Having your clothing choices displayed in front of you will cut back on the time you spend getting ready every morning too. 

The only downside of having a custom closet is building it. There are so many things to choose from in terms of design and color. Check out this guide to learn where to start with your layout. 

Colors and Materials

The heart of a good closet design is the colors and materials. White and beige paint tend to reflect light around a space and make it appear larger than it actually is. Using these colors will also give your closet a more modern feel.

As far as materials go, many homeowners incorporate glass panels and accents. Glass looks luxurious, and like white paint, it can make a space look much larger.  

Don’t Overstuff

For the sake of organization, don’t stuff as many outfits and shoes into your walk-in closet as possible. It will clutter up your space and make it difficult for you to find the perfect handbag to tie your look together. 

Leave plenty of gaps between each pair of shoes. If you find that you have too many outfits to fit them all in your main closet, use a smaller one to store your seasonal clothes until you need them. 

Your Shoes and Handbags Are Art

When designing your dream closet, think about your favorite clothing store. They have their shoes and handbags displayed beautifully on open shelves to make them enticing to shoppers. 

You should incorporate this same idea into your luxury closet design. Show off your heels and clutches like the work of art they are. 

If you find that you don’t have enough shelf space to accommodate your entire shoe collection, there are special boot hangers that you can use to free up some room. 

Smaller handbags and clutches look their best when displayed behind a glass cabinet. You can turn them into an interesting focal point by using the right lighting. Your big bags should have their own individual cubbies. 

Add Seating

Your closet needs to be more than a place where you get dressed. You should be able to sit down and relax. 

Incorporating benches into your design will allow you to maximize the usage of your space. Instead of having to force your heels on while standing, you’ll be able to sit down and try them on. 

Benches will also give you a place where you can lay out your clothes while you’re getting dressed. 

Install Statement Doors

Your doors are the first thing you see before walking into your closet, so they need to make a statement. 

French and modern glass doors are classic choices. Using a barn door will add a vintage feel to your setup. There are also motorized sliding doors that open using a remote control. 

Mirrors Are a Must

You’ll want to see how an outfit looks on you before you leave the house in it. That’s why mirrors are a must. They can show you how you look and make your closet look larger. 

Incorporate a few full-length mirrors, or to see yourself from the front and back, use three-way mirrors. 

If you’re trying to save space, the best way to install three-way mirrors is to place them on your wardrobe doors. If you tilt the doors the right way, you’ll be able to check yourself out from every angle. 


If your closet is too dim, you won’t be able to see all the luxury items you have on display.

While your closet should get plenty of natural light from the windows, it never hurts to install a few fixtures. A crystal chandelier or pendant lights would make a gorgeous addition. 

Account for Counter Space

Installing a countertop will give your closet a bit more functionality. You’ll have a place to put your morning coffee while you get dressed. 

You can use it to display a vase of flowers or store your jewelry while you’re not wearing it. 

Choose Your Flooring

Installing unique carpeting is a good way to make your luxury closet pop. Spice things up with animal prints or geometric patterns. 

If you would like your closet to appear more reserved, wood flooring is a classic choice that’s popular in his and hers designs. 

Build Your Racks and Shelves 

Before building your racks and shelves, take inventory of your clothing items. If you have more shoes than outfits, you’ll need to prioritize your shoe racks. 

You should also consider alternating your shelving sizes. This will allow you to account for everything from your tall winter boots to your strappiest heels. 

Make It Personal 

At the end of the day, this is your closet. Make it feel as such by personalizing it as much as possible. 

Sprinkle in a few personal mementos. Incorporate monogrammed wooden counters and choose a few specialty finishes to tie the design together. 

Plan the Perfect Luxury Closet 

Installing a luxury closet will allow you to increase your home value, and it will give you the space you need to organize all your outfits. 

When designing your closet, there are a lot of elements you have to consider. Take inventory of your clothes to make sure you install an appropriate number of shelves. Be sure to incorporate seating and counter space, and don’t forget about personalization. 

If you need help making your vision a reality, connect with our professionals (888-861-1613) for a closet design consultation.

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