400 series ventilation

Air hoods are a must-have for every kitchen, no matter how big or small. They help to filter out and eliminate harmful airborne particles and odors that can affect the quality of food, as well as the overall health of your kitchen.

200 series ventilation

This is an excellent choice for any kitchen. The 200 series offers many styles, from downdraft to island hoods to hidden ventilation within cabinets. This is truly a customized option for any kitchen with its versatile style options.

Mastery of steam

What is steam?

Steam has long been a staple of the modern kitchen, used in everything from cooking to cleaning. Steam has great advantages, including its high heat retention and ability to kill germs. Even at a distance of 2 inches, steam can kill 99% of germs, making it an excellent choice for sterilizing baby bottles and kitchen utensils.

Steam has been the center of culinary innovation in recent years

The 36" EB 333

The EB 333 is a revolutionary new oven that was designed to be an icon of modern kitchen design. Featuring a sleek, minimalist aesthetic and handcrafted from high-quality stainless steel and glass, this cutting-edge appliance is the perfect choice for discerning home chefs who want to take their cooking to the next level. Whether you're making a simple roast chicken or trying your hand at more complex gourmet recipes, the EB 333 is sure to elevate your culinary game. So why wait? Order your EB 333 today and start enjoying the ultimate cooking experience!